2 September 2012


George Otsuka Quintet for Three Blind Mice Japan from 1976.

Fumio Karashima - Piano,Electric Piano,Synthesizer ; Shozo Sasaki - Tenor & Soprano Saxes ; Mitsuaki Furuno - Bass ; Norio Ohno - Percussion ; George Ohtsuka - Drums.

The very finest in Japanese Jazz ......


Bacoso said...



Quimsy said...

Has to be the best 'Naima' ever. Blinding!

flageolette said...


the jazzstronaut said...

Another great drop, cheers Bacoso.

Dean Brierly said...

Absolutely killer set, and completely new to me. I love Japanese jazz from this era. Big thanks for the post.

bongohito said...

Phenomenal share - a long OOP and deep TBM masterpiece. I love this kind of playing. Namely a deep respect to tradition with a sort of forward and occasionally non-linear pastiche just to keep things interesting.

Thank you for keeping musicians like Otsuka and so many others out front here at Orgy In Rhythm where they belong.

katonah said...

I'm with Q, Naima wow!

Andy said...

I just love it,many thanks.

Gildas said...

Dear oh dear !! Thanks Bacoso!

I knew Mr Chris Dave (he is touring right now in US and Europe; don't miss the mad drummer !) had a twin brother ! But I didn't know George Otsuka has his own LP.

For me he is THE drummer of Orang-Utan by Isao Suzuki. Also on Blow Up and on Fumio Karashima "Gathering" (just bought it two months ago on nice xrcd!)

So thank you Bacoso, from now on Mr George Otsuka is the leader of a crazy jazzy funky quintet performing Naima like no others and offering us a somptuous composition in the name of "Physical Structure". All other tracks are splendid, of course !

Message to japan jazz lovers

1. I am looking for Fumio Karashima "Hot Islands" if anyone could upload it!!

2. I recently bought LP Maiden Voyage by Tatsuya Takahashi & Tokyo Union. I will receive it very soon. So if anyone interested, I will be able to post it here (on behalf of Mr Bacoso and after his agreement, of course!)


Gildas said...

And if anyone have either
- You Are My Sunshine (1974, re-released in 2002)I know this is a very rare LP...


Loving You George (1975) featuring Fumio Karashima

or SeaBreeze (1971)

or In Concert (1973)


Below FYI

George Ohtsuka is a Japanese jazz drummer. Born on April 6, 1937.


1968: Page 1
1971: Sea Breeze
Loving You George
1972; Go On
1973: George Otsuka Quinted - In Concert (with shunzo ono (tp, fgh), mabumi yamaguchi (ts, ss)
tashiyuki daitoku (p), mitsuaki furuno (b), george otsuka (d)), Recorded live at Kosei-Nenkin Hall, Tokyo
1974: You Are My Sunshine (re-released in 2002)
1976: Physical Structure

In Groups: Fumio Karashima Trio, George Otsuka Trio, Isao Suzuki Quartet >> He is the drummer on Orang-Utan and Blow Up by Isao Suzuki. Also on Fumio Karashima "Gathering"

Jazz stores : Wave in Shibuya. Also Disc Union in Shinjuku.

steve.d said...

Super stuff Bocoso,getting into the 'Little Island'track,thank you.

Juby said...

Thank you so much for posting this one! I am trying to get into the Three Blind Mice recordings, but, they are rare in the States. I greatly appreciate your work.

Gaston said...

Fusion with some real avant-garde teeth to it. Amazing, brilliant stuff!

taro nombei said...

What Bongohito said.
And Katonah. And Quimsy. And the others…
One of your finest shares ever Mr.B.

Vitko said...

Interesting. Thank you.

apf said...

Thank you!

Arkadin said...

Thanks a lot for the upgrade, maestro! Finally I can dispose of my old 128k-version. Great album!

eyecycles said...
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MrBill said...

This is great, thank you! I miss my old friend Jazz-Nekko who first turned me on to the riches of "J-jazz", but I'm thrilled that you've picked up the torch and are running with it.

Funky Trev said...

New to me completely. Is this true that you top jazz bloggers are djing a london date in November. If its the 17th - it's the same day that Larry Stabbins is doing his stuff at the RFH.....wahaay...jazztastic. Love your stuff keep em coming

fusionfan said...

i would love to hear fumio karashima gathering if it can be uploaded, tks

fusionfan said...

i'd love to hear Fumio Karashima- Gathering or any other you obtain in lossless, tks! mp3 would be acceptable also, just prefer lossless

fusionfan said...

i have hot islands, will upload flac of it, ripped from my LP a few years back, look for it tomorrow, tks for the upload also, i love this album, had a crappy mp3 rip of it fo years, this is a very nice upgrade

Bhowani said...

and link is still breathing !
thanks a lot for this gem, bacoso !

biztibi said...

Could you re-up the flac version. Unfortunately is dead. Thanks a lot.

Bacoso said...

Link is not dead:
Download not available
File owner's public traffic exhausted
please refer to rapidshare dload limits ie 1 gb a day.

Boite Abandonada said...

Thanks! Espetacular!!!

Jonathan Gefen said...


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